The term ‘diet’ comes from the Greek word ‘diaita’ which means ‘way of living, lifestyle’. Sedentary lifestyle, dull every-day reality make us employ every possible method if we want to achieve an ideal figure. Currently, the most popular and easily accessible diet is the so-called ‘magazine’s diet’. It is a diet which can be found in a colour magazine. It is estimated that more than 50% of Poles is on two diets for weight reduction a year. These diets are found on the Internet or recommended by a friend.  Each person aged 30 years and more can enumerate at least several commonly known diets, where 3 of them have been already tested and allowed for 6-kilogram-weight loss in a month. Unfortunately, the majority of such persons also experienced the so-called yo-yo effect. Easy access to a ‘miracle diet’ rarely makes us search for professional advice ofa  dietician. In fact, the ‘miracle diets’ do not exist. Having used another diet of this sort, have you wondered how it would affect your health or appearance in the mirror? The right diet should become our lifestyle, our way of living and it does not necessarily has to be associated with a list of sacrifices. Only an individually adjusted nutrition program could guarantee success and satisfaction. Furthermore, products which are balanced in terms of quality and quantity would meet the basic needs of the organism as well as lead to enhancement of its capacity. It would also ensure lasting attractive figure.