Nasmed is present on the market for 15 years. In 2012 we extended our company profile by instituting the Obesity Therapy Centre NASMED. The Centre is a part of the Specialist  Outpatient Clinic NASMED. As a consequence of this initiative, we multiplied the potential required for developing high-quality medical services.

You are most welcome to visit our Obesity Therapy Centre NASMED in Warsaw.

– Naser Dib

Mission of the Obesity Therapy Centre NASMED 

In our Centre, obesity is treated in a multidisciplinary manner. This means that each patient is granted a comprehensive care. We establish low calorie diet, offer adjusted physical activities, provide endocrinology consultation, adjust drug regimen and provide psychological therapy. The latter is still not routinely provided in the treatment of overweight and obesity. In fact, it is a key element of success as it forms, trains and strengthens proper eating habits and everyday life patterns. We do realize that modification of these habits (in fact a replacement of the old habits to the new ones) frequently raises a lot of difficulties. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to this aspect.

Our priority is to achieve a full, lasting satisfaction of patients due to improved quality of their life.

Our patients are offered not only a novel but also the safest method of obesity treatment, i.e. non-surgical procedure, using intragastric balloon. It is an effective and efficient method as the patient experiences a feeling of fullness with low food intake. It is recommended especially, however not exclusively, for patients who have failed to achieve a desired effect using popular methods of weight reduction such as dietetic or pharmacological treatment. Alternatively, this method may be recommended as a treatment preceding the surgery. Heliosphere® BAG use (i.e. intragastric balloon) is a highly effective method – in a group of 670 patients, a reduction of body mass ranged from 9 to 24 kilograms after 6 months.

Heliosphere® BAG is inserted endoscopically. The balloon is positioned in the stomach with an endoscope under short-term sedation or local anaesthesia. The duration of surgery is approximately 20 minutes. Following short-term observation, patient may return to their everyday activities.

Heliosphere® BAG is a synthetic balloon, marketed by the French company Helioskopie Medical Implants. It is filled with air while inside it is covered with a thin layer of pure gold. It facilitates both balloon placement and later – its removal. Furthermore, the usage of a biologically inert material increases balloon durability and its resistance to bacteria. Once balloon is filled with air, it moves freely inside the stomach, filling the greater part of its lumen. So far, intragastric balloon is considered to be the best, non-surgical method of obesity treatment.

To conclude, Obesity Therapy Centre NASMED provides the patients with individually adjusted methods of treatment (also surgeries), assistance to sustain the effect of treatment as well as counselling concerning aesthetic surgery. Under the Programme, we offer a range of the most recent procedures of weight reduction without the usage of risky surgical methods, i.e. balloon angioplasty with intragastric, air-filled balloon Heliosphere® BAG as well as comprehensive, specialist care – surgical, dietetic, endocrinological and psychotherapeutic assistance. Cooperation with several professionals of different specialties (dietician, psychotherapist, endocrinologist, surgeon) effectively facilitates patient’s recovery. Due to our complex and constant efforts, patients are guaranteed an effective and safe struggle for health, beauty, and – what is the most important, improvement of quality of life, composed of good mood and high self-esteem.