About our team

Our team is the evidence of high-quality services rendered in the Obesity Therapy Centre NASMED  in Warsaw. It is composed of a surgeon, an endocrinologist, a psychologist and a dietician. For many years we have all been engaged in treatment of obesity and we have been successful in this respect.  For us, a success is achieved only if the patient is fully satisfied with the treatment. We offer a comprehensive care – our patient is granted a complex therapy in one place – in the Obesity Therapy Centre NASMED in Warsaw. In the previous years, we worked in a number of medical centres. At that time, we attempted to form the Obesity Therapy Centre NASMED in Warsaw which would comprise all our services in one place to serve the wellbeing of our patients. Once the Obesity Therapy Centre NASMED was formed and launched, we have been working together to treat obesity in a comprehensive manner – our patients are provided a complex set of services in the treatment of obesity. Finally, all patients leave our Centre satisfied with the effect of the therapy.

Irrespective of many years of clinical expertise, the members of our team are constantly deepening their knowledge. By participating in various trainings in Poland as well as in other European countries, our specialists are persistently developing their practical understanding of overweight and obesity treatment. Adding to this our passion and commitment, we provide our patients with the most up-to-date, i.e. the most effective and safest methods of treating overweight and obesity.

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Our specialists

naser_1714_web-200x300Naser Dib, surgeon, MD, PhD

I specialize in surgery in the field of obesity treatment. I perform surgeries aimed at reducing the size of the stomach. Above all, I specialize in endoscopic insertion of intragastric balloons Heliosphere BAG. Such procedure is performed under anaesthesia, which is safe for the patient, and without the use of scalpel



adamkiciak30210Adam Kiciak, surgeon, PhD

Adam Kiciak graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw with honours. In 2006, he got his PhD for his work in  the pathophysiology of motority disorders of the upper gastrointestinal tract. In the years 2001-2013 he was working as an assistant at the Department of General Surgery and Surgery of Digestive Tract in W. Orlowski CMPK Hospital CMKP  in Warsaw. Field of interest: The pathophysiology of obesity – research activity. Obesity as an element of the metabolic syndrome (primarily in the course of type 2 diabetes). The scope of the consultation: Qualification and treatment of obesity with surgical techniques.


Natalia Łasek, dieticiannatalialasek_0869_web

I have graduated from the Medical University of Białystok with a degree in dietetics. I am involved in, i.a. preventing and combating obesity as well as the methods of proper nutrition in diet-related diseases. Furthermore, I cooperate with patients suffering from underweight as well as persons actively engaged in physical activities, pregnant or breastfeeding women and those eager to modify their eating habits. I gained my experience by working in a number of reputable medical centres and participating in various trainings and scientific conferences. I continue deepening my knowledge to ensure the highest quality of my advice and dietetic care. In my career I put an emphasis on individual approach and understanding towards the patients.


ewaszczesnik_0254_web-200x300Ewa Szcześnik-Bałuk, psychologist

My name is Ewa Szcześnik-Bałuk. In 2008, I graduated from the Department of Psychology in the University of Social Sciences and Humanities-SWPS in Warsaw with a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Currently I am doing my specialization in Clinical Psychology in the 4th Clinic of the Institute of Psychiatry and  Neurology in the Bielański Hospital and 4-year psychotherapeutic training in the Centre for Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy. I provide psychological advice, emergency response, psycho-education, psychological diagnostics, psychologist-assisted and life-sustaining therapy and psychological counselling. In the Obesity Therapy Centre NASMED in Warsaw, I would complement our team with counselling patients during the whole therapy of obesity. My main task is to assist and motivate patients to modify their eating habits. I would also teach them how to deal with emotions at each stage of therapy.